Our Mission

Red Wolf Outdoors provides quality outdoor furniture and apparel with an environmentally focused theme & conscience. Supporting education centers and organizations that preserve earth’s forests, endangered species, waterways, parks and ways of life are embraced by our company. We believe that helping to support these areas has a positive impact on our world.

About The Red Wolf

The red wolf is a species of wolf native to the eastern US whose population was reduced to near extinction due to illegal hunting. Together with conservation groups like the Red Wolf Coalition we aim to combat the decline of this precious species and maintain the balance of our ecosystem.


Number of red wolves that remain in captivity with even fewer left in the wild

Critically Endangered

The IUCN lists the red wolf on their highest threat of endangerment list

Your Purchase Matters

1% of all furniture sales and 10% of all clothing and accessory sales are donated to the Red Wolf Coalition or Trees for Tomorrow


About Trees for Tomorrow

Trees for Tomorrow is a non-profit organization based in Eagle River, WI that aims to funnel younger generations into careers in environmental conservation. Every year over 10,000 visitors are inspired by their classes and events. We donate a percentage of all sales to this organization because we believe future of the children and environment.

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